Domaine Pech Laurier


The vines of Domaine Pech Laurier are grouped together in three areas of some 18 hectares each.

Area 1: local place name "L'Homme Mort".
Soil composition: sand 228 g/litre
Clay: 355g/litre
Limestone: 370g/litre

Area 2: local place name "Pont de Gache".
Soil composition: clay 263g/litre
Limestone: 338g/litre

Area 3: local place name "Étang des Pradels".
Soil composition: clay 93g/litre
Limestone: 218g/litre
Very sandy soil



We use only organic fertiliser and apply traceability methods.
We are currently converting our 6 hectares of Merlot to organic farming.
We allow grass to grow in our vines from November up to April, which helps to add natural organic matter to the soil. Moreover, Quarante enjoys a microclimate with plenty of sunshine.
The wines of Quarante have earned a reputation for having concentrated colour and flavour.
The Gallo-Roman remains found on our land are proof of that this "terroir" has been exploited since time immemorial.

Loving the land means treating
it with respect.

Domaine Pech Laurier

Domaine Pech Laurier

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