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Blow of Heart GaultMillau 2005,
Receiving Scores ranging from 86 to 88 out of 100.



Terre de Vins Magazine

Marie Niel-Durst's

Pech-Laurier Winery's plan of seduction is to produce wines that are "sweet and gentle on the palate", have sexy labels and to provide languorous baths in its suites.

In her own way Marie Niel-Durst is an adventuress. She dares to do anything and not just on her labels. Let's start there however because it's definitely the best way to discover this atypical wine maker. Pech-Laurier Winery's first cuvees had a little silver baroque frieze on the label. Then its Souffle de Gaia wine had the silhouette of a woman's breast cutting across its label. "I made up a story about Gaia, the goddess of the Earth, who was seduced by Eole, received his breath as an offering and let her vines take advantage of it … I love painting so I designed the label myself, although it has shocked some people. You can't please everyone."

Her latest design is a variety of small squares colored to represent her white grape varieties: apple green for Viognier, an orangy color for Chardonnay and chocolate for Sauvignon. Don't forget the cobalt for Cabernet-Sauvignon or the zen marquetry of her new Celeste Coteaux-du-Languedoc cuvee. "This is my minimalist period." So, she dares and she enjoys herself. "I have a lot of ideas and I am stubborn. If you try to discourage me I'll just take the bit between my teeth!" This graceful whirlwind of a woman was born in Qarante, trained to be a nurse and lived eight years in Vienna. She had followed a handsome Austrian architect there, but found out she missed the sun and couldn't accept the idea that the vines her father had so lovingly cared for would be sold. Therefore she came back ten years ago with her daughter. Her husband who is "very Viennese and loves to fly" comes to visit them by plane. "We are very independent."

After obtaining her viticulture-enology degree and receiving advice from Pierre Roque, she took charge of the 55 hectare winery. Her guiding principle was to produce "fruity wines that are sweet and gentle on the palate". At first she made her wine in the uncomfortable old storehouse in the center of town. However three years ago she started making wine in the new wine cellar of a beautiful old mas (Provencal stone farmhouse) that she bought from a Belgian interloper. It is just a stone's throw from the Canal du Midi. The Winery's employees are a cosmopolitan team of three Frenchmen to work in the vines, a Moroccan wine cellar manager and two sales assistants. One assistant is German and the other Japanese. They split their time between the department of Herault and their homeland. Marie is a polyglot and likes "blends. You create better things by being different and we have to create export markets. So… "

Marie has her own recipe to achieve this goal: quality wine, quality marketing and quality business relations. "For me work and pleasure must go hand in hand and good business relations are essential. You have to go see your customers and be able to receive them." This fall she is going to Tokyo - to test her rudimentary Japanese, then to New York. During this time the craftsmen will put the finishing touches on the four vacation homes that she has decided to renovate to better withstand the expected viticultural crisis.

The vacation homes are actually four spacious suites with deco design between the old stone walls and balneotherapy. They have huge bathtubs where the color of the water and the music change depending on the type of massage you are getting".
The first Japanese customers are expected in November. They definitely won't regret coming.

Magazine no. 24





Domaine Pech Laurier

Marie Niel-Durst does everything with elegance and "Le Souffle de Gaia" (4€30), her new Herault regional wine, appealed to us due to its frankness, elegant appearance and spontaneity. Its blend of 50% Syrah gives the wine the dynamic color of violets and irises, the 35% Merlot provides a nice roundness and the 15% Cabernet-Sauvignon supports the whole giving it a cool and vegetal taste. This wine which was made by applying strict plot selection criteria for this calcareous-clay region (average yields of 50 hl per hectare), is a good example of balance in terms of freshness. It is a nice wine to serve with sunny autumn dishes (grilled duck magret and cepes cooked with parsley, butter and garlic) and is very good value for money.

00 33 (4) 67 89 37 78.
Magazine issue #16

Vin et Santé

Vin et Santé

Domaine Pech Laurier

Vins de Pays de l'Hérault - Le Souffle de GaïaThe Pech Laurier Winery stretches over 50 hectares with vines that are on average between 5 and 25 years old. Our oldest veteran vine "Tirolu" was given to one of my ancestors by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1813. It has been replanted since then ... and produces an excellent Syrah. Our generously colored and flavored wines are made from Merlot, Syrah, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Mourvedre red grape varieties and Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Viognier white grape varieties.


Appellation: Herault Regional Wine
Name of the wine: Le Souffle de Gaia (Gaia's Breath)
Color and vintage: Red 2001
Grape Varieties: 50% Syrah - 35% Merlot
15% Cabernet-Sauvignon
Maturation: Traditional methods
Shelf Life: next 10 years

34310 Quarante
Phone: 00 33 (4) 67 89 37 78
Fax: 00 33 (4) 67 89 34 90


This wine contains 3,910 mg/l total polyphenols of which 22% are monomers and 15.8% are oligomers.


Beautiful, average density, ruby red wine flashing with light. It has a powerful and fruity bouquet of morello cherries and a hint of blackberries along with charming chocolate, white pepper, clove and licorice scents. The whole is very round on the palate and the tannins have settled down. It has a flavorful body with tastes of strawberry and cherry liqueur, mushrooms and a hint of flint at the finish. A bottle of this wine could be opened now and served with a roast grain-fed chicken.

Domaine Pech Laurier

The Canal du Midi winds between sea and mountains, groves and garrigues with the Pech Laurier Winery lying close by in the region of Quarante. The origin of the name "Quarante" is highly disputed to this day. Could the St Mary's abbey located here have been the 40th abbey built by Charles the Great? Is Quarante located at the 40th milestone of the Via Domitia? Old Gallo-Roman artifacts have been discovered in some of our vines and the love of land and wine has been handed down to us ... Come discover it ...

Appellation: Coteaux du Languedoc
Name of the wine: Cuvee Julie G.
Color and vintage: Red 98
Grape varieties : 60% Syrah - 30% Grenache - 10% Mourvedre
Maturation: Traditional methods
Shelf Life: next 10 years.

34310 Quarante FRANCE
Phone : 00 33 4 67 89 37 78
Fax 00 33 4 67 89 34 90


This wine contains 3,117 mg/l total polyphenols of which 36.2% are monomers and 17.3% are oligomers.


It has a beautiful, intense ruby red color with flashes of orange. The bouquet gives off powerful scents of red berries along with smoked licorice, flowers (iris & poppy), cut hay, and pink pepper. The beautiful volume on the palate paired with a pleasant tannic architecture lets the elegant tastes of small pitted fruit and oriental spices come through (saffron, cinnamon & ginger). This wine is already mature but its volume will give it a bit of a shelf life. Serve with a roast milk-fed lamb.

Midi Libre

Le Souffle de Gaïa (Gaia's Breath). – A fresh and frank regional wine made from a blend of Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet. A round and floral wine to serve with cepes cooked in parsley, butter and garlic for immediate pleasure.

Marie Niel-Durst, 34310 Quarante.
00 33 4 67 89 37 78.


Travestiet in wijn

,, Op alle travestieten in Nederland'' roept Joop Braakbekke als we in zijn msterdamse restaurant Le Garage een rosé drinken die de naam Travestiet heeft meegekregen. Vorig jaar werden er al ruim honderdduizend flessen van Joops wijnen verkocht via de verschillende supermarkten.
,, Rosé is niet wit en niet rood, het is een wijn met een knipoog. Rosén is de travestiet onder de wijnen", vertelt Joop, die het zichzelf niet gemakkelijk heeftgemaakt.
„We merken dat veel wijninkopers nogal wat moeite hebben met de naam Travestiet.
Om het zo te noemen, is dus de nodige moed vereist. Iedereen denkt meteen aan van alles, maar met bijvoorbeeld homoseksualiteit heeft
het niets te maken."


Voor deze gelegenbeid had Joop de frêle Française Marie Niel en kunstenares Esther de Heer uitgenodigd.
,, Marie is een danseres die wijn maakt'', zo omschrijft

Braakhekke zijn Franse gast.
,, Ik heb me alles op wijngebied de laatste tien jaar zelf aangeleerd'', zegt marie, die van beroep anesthesiste is.
Gelukkig helpt haar tachtigjarige vader Julien Niel nog een handje mee op het Domain Pec Laurier in Quarante vlak bij de Middellandse Zee.

Het etiket op de fles Travestiet, waarin Joop zichzelf en zijn moeder herkent, is gemaakt naar een schilderij van Esther de Heer. ,,Voor mij betekent deze opdracht

• Esther de Heer, Joop
Braakhekke en Marie Niel
toosten op alle travestieten van Nederland.


dat ik twee jaar lang kunst kan maken", vertelt Esther, die jarenlang achter de bar van Le Garage stond om haar
kunststudie te financieren.
Van haar hangen nog twee schilderijen in de zaak van Joop, terwijl haar werk 'Vissen ' in het Stedelijk Museum is te zien.


Proevers onder de indruk van Languedoc-Roussillon

Pech-Laurier completeert het span Zwitsers hier, in de streek. Ook hier een combinatie van Coteaux du Languedoc en Vin de Pays, met een ruime sortering van wijnen van verschillende druivenrasen en aparte cuvées. De wijnen blinken uit door helderheid en betaalbaarheid. Sommige vonden we wat karakter missen, zoals de Sauvignon ' 98 of de Chardonnay van dat jaar. De rode wijnen zijn sterker, zoals de

Cabernet-sauvignon ' 98, een krachtige, iets stugge cabernet, met redelijk goede tannines, goed in balans. Goed zijn ook de wijnen met de de A.C. Coteaux du Languedoc. De Cuvée Julie G. is de beste, een elegante, kruidige Languedoc, in ' 98 mooi frutig en stevig in ' 95 gerijpt, met veel zoet fruit en in ' 93 aangenaam belegen, rond, maar nog vitaal genoeg. [imp: 8 en 10].

Pech-Laurier 1993
Kruiden, fruit, een vrij grote stevigheid, kracht en concentratie, een mondvol wijn, lengte, niet gemakkelijk.
Kloostra 3 ****
Pech-Laurier 1995, Jutie G.
Open, gebrand hout, rode en zwarte bessen, kruidige aanzet, wat boersig, garrigue, kersen, goede wijn.
Ron Cohen
Kloostra 3 ****

































































































Marie Niel Durst

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