ac coteaux du languedoc
controlled origin appellation

Cuvée Céleste

Cuvée Céleste

Gold Medal in the 2004
Concours General Agricole

AC Coteaux du Languedoc
Cuvée Céleste

Varietals: 40 % of old Carignan, 20 % of Grenache, 20 % of Mourvèdre and 20% of Syrah.
Age of vines: 30 years
Soil : clay and limestone.
Yields: 30 hL per hectare.
Winemaking: Grapes harvested y hand and stalk removal. 1 month fermentation period at a temperature of approximately 27°C to avoid dry tannins. Regular pressing to obtain good extraction.
Cellar-work: All of the cuvée was matured in second hand french oak barrels for 12 months.
Tasting: Sight: deep red colour with dark red hue.
Nose: the nose is like a basket of black fruit, spices and vanilla.
Taste: the whole is warm and enveloping and you can taste the full maturity
of the harvest carefully drawn out by the skill of the winemaker.
Packaging: "traditional" bottle, stopper: Altec, 6 bottles per cardboard box.



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